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Commercial Cleaning

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Commercial Cleaning Services:

  • Office Relocation & Moving Cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping

In office space:

  1. 1. Empty waste baskets, dust and clean office furniture
  1. 2. Clean reception areas, dust and clean exterior of computer equipment
  1. 3. Clean baseboards, vacuum carpets, detailed vacuum of corners and edges
  1. 4. Mop plastic mats, mop tile and linoleum floors
  1. 5. Wipe window ledges, clean mirrors, picture frames, dust air vents, clean top of partitions

In Bathrooms:

  1. 6. Sweep and wash ceramic tile floors, clean wall tiles
  1. 7. Clean and sanitize countertops and sinks, polish all metal items such as faucets and handles
  1. 8. Clean cabinets, empty and clean sanitary disposal receptacles, clean all glass surfaces
  1. 9. Clean mirrors and picture frames, clean paper dispensers
  1. 10. Refill bathroom items if required, clean light fixtures, dust air vents

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